Commercial Production

Ehime Works

Our Ehime works are located in the Sumitomo Chemical Ehime Works in Niihama City, Ehime Prefecture, the birthplace of Sumitomo Chemical, and consist of two factories, irrigation materials and coated seeds.

The factory of irrigation materials manufacture our flagship products of irrigation tubes such as "Sumisansui® series". Our irrigation materials are widely used in Japanese agricultural fields and contribute high quality crop production. Our irrigation materials are also exported to overseas market and contribute global food production.

The factory of coated seeds provides seed coating service for vegetable and ornamental seeds by our unique pelletizing technology. Seed pelleting technology is essential for machinery seeding. We also supply film coating service for various seeds to prevent seed-borne disease.

We are also engaged in the development and pilot manufacturing of new products and in the quality improvement of current products under internal collaboration with the Production Engineering Department in both factories.

We are very proud that we can supply high quality products and services worldwide and contribute sustainable food production.

Sumisansui series Sumisansui series Pellet coated seeds
Sumisansui® series Pellet coated seeds

Oyama Works

Oyama Works was newly established in 2016 in Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture.

We mainly provide seed coating service for customers around the Kanto region.

Our Oyama Works are close to a residential area with increasing population, and have a higher ratio of female employees who prefer convenient commuting and flexible work time.

We are planning to expand the role of Oyama Works to bear the R&D function and technical support of seed coating business, as the regional hub of the Kanto.

Oyama Works Film coated seeds
Oyama Works Film coated seeds

Kagawa Works

Kagawa Works are located in Kanonji City, Kagawa Prefecture, and produce various nursery soils like our major brand “Sumisoil® series“, nursery soil specialized for strawberries on elevated benches (peat bag), and nursery soil for the local crops in the regional JA.

Demands for nursery soils in the professional crop production market are increasing according to the progress of agriculture. We are strengthening our commercial production in Kagawa Works as the mother factory of nursery soils.

Sumisoil series Hydroponic soil cultivation of strawberries by using peat bag on elevated benches
Sumisoil® series Hydroponic soil cultivation of strawberries
by using peat bag on elevated benches

Nagano Nursery
(Kawakami, Minamimaki, Fujimi)

Since 1990, we have been growing vegetable seedlings such as lettuce and chinese cabbage, and flower seedlings such as eustoma and statice, and supplying them to customers nationwide.

In addition to the technology and experience cultivated over 30 years since our opening here, we are focusing on new technologies everyday to respond to the climate changes that are becoming more and more fluctuating these days. All of our staff is working together to establish a more stable growing system.

We will continue our efforts to improve growing technology, provide high-quality seedlings stably, and contribute to improving the profitability of our customers.

Nagano Nursery(Minamimaki Farm) Seedlings of lettuce
Raising seedling facility

Seed Production

In order to stably supply the vegetable and flower varieties developed in the breeding department to our customers, we produce seeds not only in Japan but also in other locations worldwide most suitable for seeding, such as the LASC* in Chile, South Africa, Italy and so forth.

Seeding conditions (climate, soil quality, cultivation method, etc.) vary depending on the item and variety. Our seeding staff works closely with the breeding staff to recgnize the characteristics of the new varieties developed one after another, and also frequently visits the seeding fields to optimize the seeding method in cooperation with local staff, so that they can produce the target amount of high-quality seeds.

*Operated by Sumitomo Chemical Chile

Seed Production Seed Production
Carrot seed production in open field Carrot seed trial production of
new variety in Cage