Corporate Profile / Organization

住化農業資材株式会社 本社
Company Name Sumika Agrotech Co.,Ltd.
Head Office Sumika Fudosan Yokobori Bldg,
4-6-17 Koraibashi, Chuo-ku,
Osaka City 541-0043
Tel: +81-(0)6-6204-1245
Fax: +81-(0)6-6204-1207
Founded August 31, 1988
(Changed to current trade name in October, 1995)
Capital 284 million yen
Board of Directors and
Corporate Auditors
President Hiroaki Fujimoto  
Executive Director Hirotaka Takano (Research & Development Divisionn)
Director Kiyosumi Shinmyo (Administration Division)
Director Tatsuro Ishibashi (Food Planning Business Division)
Director Atsushi Furutani (Production Division)
Director Hitoshi Nakamura (Sales Division)
Outside Director Yoshiyuki Morimoto  
Outside Corporate Auditor Hirofumi Aoki  
Outside Corporate Auditor Akira Ohisa  
Number of employees Approximately 430
Business Details
  • Development, production and sales of agricultural and horticultural products, such as irrigation materials.
  • Seed coating and germination improvement development, and treatment by commission.
  • Breeding, development, production and sales of seeds and seedlings.
  • Development, manufacturing, and sales of fertilizer, soil, soil conditioner and Pesticide sales.
  • ;Design, construction and supervision of greening and landscape gardening facilities, etc.
  • Producing area cordination business related to fruit and vegetable sales.
Business Base
  • Head office (Osaka)
  • Branch office (Hokkaido, Tochigi, Tokyo, Ehime, Kumamoto)
  • Factory (Tochigi, Ehime, Kagawa)
  • ;Farm (Hokkaido, Nagano, Kumamoto)
  • Institute (Ehime)
  • Related company
    (Qingdao Zhufeng Shimao Agrotech Co., Ltd)
    (Daiya Bell Tree Foods Co., Ltd.)
Construction business
Construction work, plumbing work


Organization Chart

Organization Chart