President's Message

Create the prosperous future
of agriculture together
with producers in Japan and overseas

Shinichiro Nagata

As a member of Sumitomo Chemical Agro Group, we are involved in the research, development, production and sales of essential farming materials. These include seeds, seedlings, seed coating, nursery soil, irrigation materials and so on.

Through our mergers of"Sumika Farm Nagano" and "Sumika Farm Oita" on October 1st, 2021, our business scopes have expanded. With combinations of accumulated know-how on crop production at the both Farms and our latest technologies of irrigation materials and seedling products, we will be able to contribute to agricultural revitalization from wider range of aspects such as sales enhancement of agricultural products and cultivation support.
In addition, we are developing "automatic irrigation systems" utilizing AI technology and biostimulants (BS agents) that are being used on a global scale. We are strengthening research and development proactively in response to the trends of the times.

Sumitomo Chemical focuses on investment in crop science fields, which is one of its core business areas. By combining Sumitomo Chemical’s agricultural chemicals and fertilizers with our materials and services, we intend to strengthen our capabilities Total Solution Provider (TSP)* function which offers all-round support to producers.
Based on our long history of technical capabilities and R&D abilities, we are expanding our business widely to overseas. Through such activities, we aim to create the prosperous future of agriculture together with producers in Japan and overseas.

* Total Solution Provider (TSP)
As a TSP, we offer comprehensive support to farming management, combining the products and functions of each company in Sumitomo Chemical Agro Group. These include agricultural chemicals, fertilizers and farming materials, related technologies and the production and sale of agricultural commodities.