Vegetable seeds and seedlings

We supply vegetable seeds and
seedlings that really satisfy growers

We apply ourselves to understanding the needs of each growing region. We then develop vegetable varieties that will profit growers, and market the seeds. Growers are our valued customers and, at the same time, our advisors. We therefore engage with them at their growing sites in order to develop the best possible vegetable varieties and propose optimum cultivation techniques. We conduct testing at our experimental stations in Hokkaido, northern Japan and Kumamoto, southern Japan, aiming to improve product quality and build up growing expertise.

The range of vegetable seeds we currently handle are mainly carrot, lettuce, spinach, sweet corn, chinese cabbage, broccoli and melon. We also supply young lettuce and chinese cabbage plants produced in our Nagano Nursery located in the cool highlands. Sumika Agrotech dedicates itself to developing new varieties and supplying young plants which satisfy the needs of growers and consumers overseas as well as in Japan.