Spraying essential water efficiently

Agriculture Section

Water is essential for the growth of your precious crops, and we help you use it more closely and more efficiently. Our desire to provide solutions, even in a small way, to watering problems, has led to innovations in making perforations, water spraying, and twist-resistant tubing. These creations have gained the support of a large number of users, who find them easy to use. Other products we have developed include filters and liquid fertilizer mixers. We aim to improve cultivation efficiency and crop quality, together with our customers.

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Landscape Section

We design and install equipment for the irrigation of plants on roofs, walls and around buildings. We also provide technical support.
In recent years, environmental problems, such as the urban heat island, have been making headlines. The enforcement of various urban greening ordinances has brought an increasing need for landscape irrigation facilities.

We have a range of irrigation equipment, including the drip irrigation tube SumiRam Series for landscape use, the soft spray hoses Sumisansui and Mistace, and other sprinklers and on-line drippers. We provide support for the installation of irrigation equipment in a range of areas, including buildings, apartments, public facilities, road planting zones and factory greenbelts.

1 Equipment Design
Supply of automatic, semi-automatic and manual irrigation system design calculations, CAD piping diagrams, control system diagrams, and machine detail plans, according to user needs.
2 Sales
Sale of drip irrigation systems and control systems, etc.
3 Installation of systems in the field
Installation of irrigation systems and control systems
4 Maintenance / Inspections
Regular inspections and repairs of irrigation systems