Coates Seeds,Nursery Soil and Related Products

Efficient and labor-saving solutions in sowing and raising seedlings

Coates Seeds,Nursery Soil and Related Products

As the scale of agricultural production increases with the entrance of non-specialist companies, there is a growing need for efficiency and labor-saving solutions.
We contribute to farming through technology centered on our unique Sumika Coated Seed and sowing-related materials. In particular, we provide efficiency and labor-saving solutions in sowing and raising seedlings.
Seeds of different shapes and sizes are each coated and granulated uniformly with natural ingredients to manufacture the product Sumika Coated Seed. Sumika Coated Seed has a uniform shape and can be sowed accurately and efficiently. Also, the simultaneous use of our germination improvement technology and disease control technology enables more stable germination.
We focus on farmers' needs, and our Research Section conducts R&D in new technology daily. We began selling this product in 1981, and it is used in the growth of a range of vegetables, including lettuce, carrots, Welsh onions and onions. It has contributed greatly to labor saving in sowing and thinning, and is an essential component of vegetable production in Japan.

Development and sales of materials for sowing

We develop and sell sowing-related materials, such as seeding machines for
seedling trays (Pottle® / Acrylic Press), and nursery soil (Sumi-Soil ®).
We also sell machines for direct seeding (Clean Seeder ®).

  • Clean Seeder

    Clean Seeder

  • Pottle ®

    Pottle ®

  • Sumi-Soil ®

    Sumi-Soil ®