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  • Sprayed droplets are mild mist-like and soft to plants and soil. As small droplet water does not harden soil surface, the ventilation in the soil is kept good condition and water penetrates into soil so slowly that water is absorbed by plants effectively. The result is that plants are healthy and water is saved.
  • Uniformed water discharge for long distance with low water pressure and the result is that the germination of seeds are uniform and growing of plants are equal.
  • It can cover broad area along the tube with low water pressure. The area of up to 500m² (5m wide x 100m long) is splayed with good uniformity at 0.8 bar water pressure.
  • Good durability tube made of special polyethylene.
  • Easy setting, removal and storage with convenient winder.

How to Use and Attention for Use

  • The fine water holes are on the tube side printed with the product name "SUMISANSUI MARK II", be sure during the tube installation that this side faces up.
  • "START CONNECTOR 20" can be connected to a 20mm dia. PVC pipe.
  • The maximum water pressure is 0.8 bar. The excessive water pressure may damage the hose.
  • Use a filter to prevent tube clogging in the feed of soiled water. If blockages occur, open the stopper at the end of the tube and flush out any debris or sediments with water.
Areas of Use
  • Vegetables and flowers in open field. After sowing seeds or after planting seedlings during young stage of plants are very much suitable.
  • Nurseries of oil palm, rubber, vegetables and flowers in open field.
  • Lawn and turf in open field.


    Oil Palm Plantation company (Malaysia, Indonesia)
    Oil Palm and Rubber nurseries
納入実績 納入実績

SUMISANSUI MARK II is the irrigation tube produced for the purpose of irrigation in Oil Palm and Rubber nurseries in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Overhead sprinklers were major irrigation systems for this purpose. However, there were problems, such as low uniformity of sprayed water, droplets hit the soil in poly bag, heavy labor requirement for movement etc.

In order to solve these problems, we had many trials of SUMISANSUI MARK II in Malaysia and it was accepted as the standard irrigation system for Oil Palm and Rubber nurseries.

Reasons why SUMISANSUI MARK II was widely accepted are as follows.

  1. Each seedling receives adequate water equally owing to uniformed water discharge for a distance of 100m at low water pressure.
  2. Sprayed droplets are mild mist-like and soft to plants and soil. As small droplets do not harden soil surface, water penetrates into soil slowly and water is absorbed by plants effectively.
  3. Low capital investment – cost savings.
  4. Less labor requirement for operation and very little maintenance required.
  5. Extremely easy and non-bulky to transport.

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