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  • Spray coverage is 4.5–6.3m for S54/6.3–7.2m for S72.
  • Uniformity over long distance 80m.
  • Install the tubes at the each side of pipe. Place the clip-on-Hangers within 1 meter apart, and simply slide in the tube.
  • Sprayed droplets are mild mist-like and soft to plants and soil. As small droplet water does not harm plants, does not splash soil and does not harden soil surface, the condition of ventilation in the soil is kept good and water penetrates into soil so slowly that water is absorbed by plants effectively.

How to Use and Attention for Use

  • The fine water holes are on the tube side printed with the product name "MISTACE S54/72", be sure during the tube installation that this side faces up.
  • Start connector named "START CONNECTOR R" can be connected to a 25mm dia. PVC pipe or 40mm female thread connector.
  • Set the water pressure at 1.2 bar for making fine mist spray. The excessive water pressure may damage the tube.
  • Use a filter to prevent tube clogging in the feed of soiled water.
  • Use both tubes of each side at same timing.
  • Be careful the direction of water spread. The direction mark is on the tube.
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Areas of Use
Spinach, Leaf vegetable, Nursery


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