SUMIKA AGROTECH Irrigation Products




  • It is installed in water supply line between pump and filter.
  • Liquid fertilizer is sucked by opening the tap and turning valve handle. Then, liquid fertilizer is applied to the field during irrigation.
  • Operation and maintenance is easy.

How to Use and Attention for Use

  • Turn valve handle to the left until gate open completely. Then irrigation starts. Open tap and put suction hose into liquid fertilizer tank.
  • Turn valve handle to right and close gate little by little. As the result, water flow rate in main flow line starts to decrease. On the other hand, water flow rate in suction passage increase.
  • Liquid fertilizer starts to be sucked into SUMICHARGE gradually.
Specification/Size SUMICHARGE N40 SUMICHARGE N50
Operating Flow Rate(L/min) 30–300 100–600
Fertilizer Suction Rate(L/min) 0–2 0–5
Connection(mm) 40 50
Body Length(mm) 226 285

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