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SUMITUBE 06-60/06-120


  • Horizontal low level spray under mulchfilm.
  • Plants are prevented from disease problems because flowers and leaves do not get wet.
  • Uniform water feed for long distance with low water pressure and the result is that growing of plants are equal.
  • With bigger hole size (0.6mmφ) prevent debris clogged
    • SUMITUBE 06-60: 50m at water pressure 0.2–0.4 bar. Hole Interval (each side) is 12cm. Hole Size is 0.6mmφ.
    • SUMITUBE 06-120: 100m at water pressure 0.2–0.4bar. Hole Interval (each side) is 24cm. Hole Size is 0.6mmφ.
  • Good durability tube made of special polyethylene.
  • Easy setting, removal and storage with convenient winder.

How to Use and Attention for Use

  • The fine water holes are on the tube side printed with the product name "SUMITUBE", be sure during the tube installation that this side faces up.
  • "START CONNECTOR 25 can be connected to a 25mm dia. PVC pipe.
  • The maximum water pressure is 0.4 bar. The excessive water pressure may damage the tube.
  • Use a filter to prevent tube clogging in the feed of soiled water. If blockages occur, open the stopper at the end of the tube and flush out any debris or sediments with water.
Product use image
Areas of Use
Vegetables and flowers which do not want to get wet the plant in greenhouse.
To cover mulchfilm is necessary.


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