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SUMIHOSE (S180/B120)


  • Hole Interval is 40cm.
  • Water comes from each nozzle and is sprayed horizontally.
  • It is made of special rubber.
  • It has legs under the hose to avoid rolling over the hose.
  • We have two types of nozzle.
    • Type S180; Spray range is 1m for one side only
    • Type B120; Spray range is 2m for both side

How to Use and Attention for Use

  • Be sure in the hose installation that nozzle side faces up.
  • Start connector named "START CONNECTOR R" can be connected to a 25mm dia. PVC pipe or 40mm female thread connector.
  • The maximum water pressure is 0.6 bar. The excessive water pressure may damage the hose.
  • Use a filter to prevent hose clogging in the feed of soiled water. If blockages occur, open the stopper at the end of the tube and flush out any debris or sediments with water.
Areas of Use
Type S180: Asparagus
Type B120: Flowers, Vegetables


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